Epoch’s 2019 Suburb Safety Report

An Investigation into Melbourne’s 10 Safest Neighbourhoods

When choosing where to live in Melbourne, whether you’re a family or single, you’ll look at a variety of factors in deciding where to move. One of the more common factors is proximity to school, work, transport and other things like shops and restaurants. 

But with home burglary on the rise, many home buyers are now considering safety as a primary factor in their final decision. And increasingly, some of those who didn’t consider safety end up wishing they had.

The obvious benefit of choosing a safe suburb to live is the security of loved ones and property. In addition, there are often financial benefits. Safer suburbs may mean better pricing on your insurance premiums – as well as better growth and retention of your home’s value. Safety is an ever more appealing factor to the discerning buyer. We tend to see property values as relatively stronger in those suburbs that maintain their ‘safest Melbourne suburbs’ status.

There are various factors to consider in assessing a suburb’s safety. This can make measuring the crime rate of the suburbs in Melbourne a bit tricky. For example, in the suburbs that are less densely populated, a low increase in crimes committed in a year can impact the per capita crime rate significantly and vice-versa. So, for this article, we’ve dug a bit deeper than the basic data to determine what really makes up some of the safest neighbourhoods in Melbourne.

In no particular order, here are our top 10 picks of Melbourne suburbs that have the lowest number of burglaries and breaking and entering incidents, taken as an average over the last three years. 

Along with their appealing safety statistics are a few other reasons Aussies are choosing to call these Melbourne suburbs home.

Wattle Glen

Located northeast of central Melbourne, Wattle Glen has a population just under 2,000 and ranks as one of Melbourne’s safest suburbs. We believe its quaint atmosphere and small-town community feel are strong contributors to the higher safety rating of this suburb. While it may not be the most ‘happening’ side of town, it’s certainly one of the more secure neighbourhoods in Melbourne and for many families, delivers what they’re looking for in a home. 

Wonga Park

Wonga Park, also in the northeast area and known for its shopping centers and natural beauty, Wonga Park is home to over 3,800 residents. Some areas of Wonga Park offer real-estate prices that can be on the higher end, but it’s largely in line with market averages. Besides, what price can you put on your safety – and that of your loved ones? Crime in Wonga Park has averaged less than half of that in some of its surrounding suburbs in recent years.

Little River

Another small suburb makes our list for its safety ranking and liveability. Little River’s population has increased to more than double in the last 10 years. Meanwhile the crime rate remains relatively unchanged over the same period. The home median rent ranks No.143 among 1239 suburbs of Victoria, making this one of the safest suburbs in Melbourne, whilst also being accessible to most.

Park Orchards

Homely’s website ranks this as one of the safest suburbs to live in Melbourne. The area’s crime continues to decrease and property value increases. Located east of Melbourne, Park Orchards has plenty of shops and diners with a park on just about every corner. With its Italian villas and leafy views, Park Orchards offers a little taste of Tuscany – sadly minus the vineyards.

Oakland Junction

Countryside meets suburb in this neighbourhood of 500 residents. Oakland Junction is home to many farms and some of the lowest crimes in all of Australia. Don’t worry about being too far from the city, public transport is accessible and Oakland Junction is just 23km from the heart of Melbourne.

Melbourne Airport

Looking for really impressive security? 19km northwest of Melbourne’s central business district (CBD) is a local government area called Melbourne Airport. Its population is less than 200 but it has gone years without a single crime reported.

Kangaroo Ground

Beautiful real estate and lush backdrops are what attracts people to Kangaroo Ground but the safety levels probably helps keep them there. It’s a small town with just over a 1,000 resident population. In the last year, no burglaries or gangs were reported. Nearly every part of Kangaroo Ground offers a stunning view of the rolling Garden Hills.


Caulfield has an ever so slightly higher crime rate than the others on this list, probably due to it being 12km from the inner city. However, it still deserves an honourable mention for its diversity. If you’re looking for somewhere safer and also more populated, Caulfield has over 5,000 residents with only half being native Australian. Immigrants and visitors from all over the world continue to choose Caulfield above other Melbourne suburbs.

Box Hill

Box Hill is considered a mini-Melbourne with far less crime. Often the incidents in this area are referred to as annoying but not threatening. 14km east of the CBD, Box Hill has plenty of options for eating out, entertainment, parks, recreation, and is the whole package of a big city with significantly less risk.


Heatherton is a robust metropolitan suburb located 20km southeast of CBD. It’s clean and green with a neighbourly spirit. The area’s greater concentration of homes generally enhances the safety residents feel. The crime rate continues to decline and property values are increasing due to the area’s growing popularity. Once something of a Melbourne secret, this suburb “The Heath” now sits high on the list of Melbourne’s more desirable suburbs to buy or invest. 

A Word of Warning 

Now that you know our top 10 picks for the safest suburbs in Melbourne, we’d like to briefly include areas considered the least safe:

  • Dandenong
  • Narre Warren
  • Cranbourne
  • Frankston
  • Craigieburn

The primary reason for these low listings includes drugs, gangs, and violent crime ratings. It’s important to note that internationally, Australia’s crime rate is relatively low. However, in our experience the safer the neighbourhood, the safer your investment all round – so it’s generally better to opt for the safer choice when choosing your next Melbourne neighbourhood.

Funding Your New Home

Beyond your neighbourhood safety we always recommend prioritising your financial security. An essential part of getting the right loan in the right neighbourhood can be choosing the right mortgage broker to guide and advise you.

At Epoch we provide premium financial advice with a personal touch. With over 30 years of experience and over 20 lenders to choose from, we specialize in pairing you with the options that suit you and your lifestyle. You choose the home and together we’ll make it happen. Get in touch for a consultation today.

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