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Times change

It’s important to keep pace with the market and take advantage of timely advice. Sometimes change is the right decision. How will you know? Ask questions.

You may well have shopped around and chosen a loan with the best rate and features that you could find at the time. However, as time moves on, so do the things that matter in your life like family, work circumstances and plans for the future. It’s important to take another look at your home loan every once in a while to ensure that it still suits your income needs and lifestyle.

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Good advice matters

If you’re starting to think that you might need to shop around once again, you’re probably right. That realisation is often triggered by news, events or changes in personal circumstances. It’s crucial that you move quickly to take advantage of the good advice of experienced professionals whose businesses are built on staying up to date with changes in the finance industry.

Features, flexibility and freedom

Why now? It could be to secure a better rate, or to find a product option that has better features. Whether you want to find a loan that provides more flexible rates or repayments, it’s always important to know at a minimum if you have options. Then, to follow that information gathering exercise with questions about what options are available to you. Finally when armed with that information whether change is the best way to go.

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Investment Opportunities

Refinancing your home loan may also open the doors to other investment opportunities. Utilising equity in your home is one way that you could begin to invest further in property or shares. When it comes to using your home equity to its full potential, Ask a professional to ensure whether it is right for you.

Grow with the market

Remember that you don’t have to be stuck with the same option forever. Don’t wait for opportunity to knock. Go find it before changes are forced upon you. Epoch uses our vast body of knowledge, experience and connections to provide you with the best choice that suits your needs.

Let’s get started.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with the answers you need to make a great finance decision.